What Will Smith has been up to after the Oscars scandal

No matter how much he has won Oscar award as best actor for his leading role in the film “King Richard”, Will Smith will be remembered for a reprehensible fact and that was criticized in various places during that time, taking into account that such images did not take long to go around the world.

And it is that the experienced artist slapped his colleague Chris Rock when he was on stage giving a comic monologue. The fact caused a tremendous stir among the acting experts, as well as the spectators, who could not believe what they saw and assumed that it was part of the show.

Will Smith punched Chris Rock in the face at the Oscars.
Will Smith punched Chris Rock in the face at the Oscars.

after the fact, Will Smith released a statement criticizing himself and apologizing for his backlash and not much has been heard from him since, only that he had traveled to India a few weeks ago, according to his Instagram posts as well as local media coverage of his stay there. .

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That is why now, in this article we are going to detail what has become of his life after that incident that happened more than a month ago.


The only thing that was known, apart from his trip to India, had been revealed by the actor himself on his social media show, in which he maintained that he and his family were taking time to heal from everything that had happened in the aforementioned event.

However, recently the ET medium revealed that Will Smith has been going to therapy to overcome what happened with Chris Rock.

According to the aforementioned media outlet, a source close to the American’s family commented on this information with one of his journalists.


Chris Rock took the stage at the Academy Awards to present the award for documentary film, the screenwriter made some comments that made the audience laugh but made the mistake of mentioning the wife of Will Smith.

Since Jada’s style involves shaved hair, Rock told her that he couldn’t wait to see her in a new version of “G.I. Jane” (the character in the tape wears the same look). At that moment, everyone burst out laughing including Will; however, his wife took it badly and when he noticed her, she had no qualms about interrupting Chris to slap him.

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