The list of popular Android applications that you can use from its web version

When you buy a new cell phone, the first thing you do is download your favorite applications from the Google Play Store of Android, however, sometimes you can’t install all of them because your device’s storage has reached its limit, even deleting multimedia files can’t free up enough space to fit one more application. This time, from Mag we will show you the list of the most popular apps that you can use through a web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Although certain mobile applications Android they offer you exactly the same as in their web version, on other occasions some are very different and even do not share the same configurations, settings and functions. The objective of this note is that you know which are the most popular platforms (installed on your cell phone) that have their own web version, so you could free up storage after eliminating them and start using them from a browser.

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  • Tinder: when you want to meet people, Tinder is your best option, since it allows you to give a “Like” to the person you think is nice or nice, when both make a “Match”, a chat immediately opens so that they coordinate love dates or simply meetings to start forming a friendship. Its website is one of the simplest and most comfortable, access the following link.
  • Twitter: This social network is considered one of the best options to know in real time what is the news or character that is trending around the world or your country, in addition, it has managed to build a High Quality Multiplatform “PWA”. .
  • Facebook: another social network, but the most important of the last two decades. Its web platform is complete, since the version for browsers was created first, since it offers you exactly the same as in the mobile app. Here we leave you the direct access
  • Spotify: It is a Swedish platform that offers you music services, podcasts and digital videos, you also have access to millions of songs from different genres such as: rock, salsa, cumbia, etc. Click to go to their website here.
  • WhatsApp: the most widely used instant messaging application in the world has up to three different versions: for mobile phones, computers and, of course, browsers. Access your website at
  • Photopea: the most popular photo editor among all, has also created its own web version, and although it is not as professional as the Photoshop program, it does what it offers very well.
  • Uber: incredible as it may seem, Uber It has its own website and even allows you to request a taxi and monitor it from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.
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  • First, go to the Google Play Store Android and touch on the icon of your profile picture that is in the upper right corner.
  • Several options will be displayed, go to “Manage device and apps”.
  • Here you will see how many updates you have pending and the use of gigabytes that you have consumed of storage. If you want you can do it manually otherwise do the following.
  • Go back to Google Play and press your profile picture again > “Settings” or “Settings” > “Network preferences”.
  • Then, click on the section called “Automatic update of apps”.
  • Choose if you want Android Update apps over any network (including mobile data on) or only when connected to Wi-Fi.