How much would it have cost Banda MS for Snoop Dogg to sing with them

The regional mexican music It is one of the favorite genres of the Aztec listener… but not only of them. The Americans, like the rapper Snoop Dogg, are also admirers and followers of Mexican popular music, where MS band is one of its references. Thus, in 2020, both exponents of their respective musical genres released a joint single: a genuine and attractive mix of American rap with Aztec popular music. The success was total, but there will always be some questions about how this production was conceived.

Is Snoop Dogg a lover of popular music from Mexico? Well, yes, on more than one occasion the artist from California has expressed his taste for this type of music, the rancheras and Vicente Fernández, to whom he even paid tribute in a concert. With this background, the fact that he knew of the existence of the MS Band is more than logical.

For its part, Sergio Lizárraga’s group, although their entire career has been dedicated to this type of music, sympathy for other musical genres has always existed. In the case of rap -which is quite widespread in the United States-, the proximity of the countries did a lot: the US and Mexico are border countries and the cultural -and musical- influence is constant and wide.

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Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., real name of Snoop Dogg, is a fan of norteño music; the old one, the one that includes “Chente”, and the current one, where the MS Band is one of his most famous representatives. The American has even expressed on his social networks that he listens to the group from Mazatlan continuously.

It was precisely in this way that the approach between the rapper and the band was fostered. Snoop Dogg published a video on his networks in which he listened to Banda MS with sadness because his team had lost. Months later, he uploaded other videos in which the group was heard and a person close to him told the members of the regional group that he wanted to do a song with them.

Some time later, the project was completed and in May 2020 “Qué maldición” was released, a hit that swept the playback platforms from the beginning and that to date accumulates almost 80 million views on the official channel of Banda MS, in addition to have more than 1 million “likes”.

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The first time they sang live was in July 2021 (Photo: Banda MS / Instagram)
The first time they sang live was in July 2021 (Photo: Banda MS / Instagram)


Banda MS and Snoop Dogg released their collaborative song in May 2020 but it wasn’t until July 2021 that they were able to sing it live: on a stage in Ontario, California. After the event, Sergio Lizárraga posted on his Twitter account how missed and excited he was.

“Yesterday I lived one of the strangest and most extraordinary moments of my life, it was the mixture of two cultures musically speaking, the dream concert: Snoop Dogg and Banda MS”, he put on his Twitter. In this context, it is understandable to believe that the rapper did not charge anything for collaborating with the Sinaloa band, but what is known is that Snoop Dogg has a price if you want him to sing.

In an April 2021 interview on the Full Send podcast, Snoop Dogg discussed how much he charges to add his West Coast flair to a track: $250,000; in Mexican pesos, just over 5 million pesos.

“You will have about 16 bars. And when it’s time to make the video, I’ll need another $250,000. And you only have an hour, so start filming”, Said the 50-year-old singer. And what is a bar? The bars are the song lines; that is, phrases that fit into a measure of the melody.

In other words, if the Californian had charged the MS Band for collaborating with the song “What a curse”, they would have had to pay out half a million dollars. To this day, neither of the two parties has ruled on whether there was payment or not, but everything indicates that the good relationship and friendship between the two artists would have been enough.