Portugal defends a new budget “bazooka” to rebuild Ukraine

Lisbon, May 7 (Latest) .- The Portuguese Prime Minister, the socialist António Costa, defended this Saturday the development of a plan similar to the European Recovery and Resilience Program to help the reconstruction of Ukraine.

“As we invented “Next Generation”, the Recovery and Resilience Plan, the “bazooka” to respond to European needs in the face of the pandemic, we are going to have to create a “super bazooka” to support Ukraine in the reconstruction,” Costa said. .

“We don’t have to wait for anything else, we can do it now,” insisted the Portuguese prime minister during the Conference on the Future of Europe held today in the Portuguese city of Porto.

The Portuguese socialist leader was in favor of taking advantage of the Association Agreement that already exists between the EU and kyiv to advance in the integration of the Ukrainian economy in the community bloc and promote the reconstruction of the country.

An “urgent” and “essential” task, insisted António Costa, convinced that the defeat of Russia “is essential to strengthen democracies throughout the continent.”

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