The OPEC secretary visits Venezuela to “strengthen cooperation ties”

Caracas, May 7 (Latest).- The secretary general of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Mohammed Barkindo, seeks to “strengthen ties of brotherhood and cooperation” with Venezuela, during a visit to the Caribbean country, where “he is serving a work agenda” with the Minister of Tourism, Ali Padrón, Foreign Minister Félix Plasencia reported that Saturday.

“We had the opportunity to greet our great friend Mohammed Barkindo, secretary general of OPEC, who is carrying out a work agenda in our country, accompanied by our Minister of Tourism, Alí ​​Ernesto Padrón, and the Nigerian ambassador to Venezuela, Olorundare Phillip Awoniyi,” Plasencia wrote on his Twitter account.

Barkindo arrived in Venezuela this Friday to meet with the “high authorities of the country,” including the Oil Minister, Tareck El Aissami, to “strengthen ties of brotherhood and cooperation” between the nation and the international organization, according to a press release from this office, which did not specify what meetings he had so far.

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He pointed out that the visit also aims to “express the most sincere gratitude to President Nicolás Maduro, the Bolivarian Government and the Venezuelan people for all the support received” during his administration, which will end next August, and will be succeeded by Haitham al Ghais.

Venezuela is a founding member of OPEC, also made up of 12 other countries, mainly from the Middle East and Africa.

Venezuelan oil production closed the first quarter of 2022 at 756,000 bpd, a drop of 7% compared to the fourth quarter of last year (817,000 bpd), according to the report by the country’s authorities to OPEC.

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