Natalia Téllez: why the Mexican driver thought of abandoning her baby

The race of Natalia Tellez on television has been one of those that has presented the greatest evolution, going from Rebel in 2004 be a driver of Divine Nets and Today.

However, what for many people can be a blessing, such as the arrival of a new being, for the TV host it became a difficulty that she was forced to take on.

And it is that in 2021 the driver assumed one of the greatest challenges of her life: motherhood, the result of her union with “Don Tempo” Antonio Zabala, whom she would describe as a “impossible job”.

Antonio Zabala and Natalia Téllez are the parents of a little girl named Emilia (Photo: Antonio Zabala / Instagram)
Antonio Zabala and Natalia Téllez are the parents of a little girl named Emilia (Photo: Antonio Zabala / Instagram)


Now, a few months after giving birth to little Emilia, the driver revealed how complicated her pregnancy was and the fears she experienced during this period.

When my baby was born, I had her one day at night and during the day it was a very difficult day: the milk, the baby, connected, the hormone and I said ‘what’s going on?’ So, very late at night, I went to see how much money I had in the bank and in fact I called to ask how much I could withdraw and in a kind of panic attack I thought to leave and I thought this was real “he pointed.

However, she found in her partner, Antonio Zabala, the strength to continue and overcome her fears about motherhood.

In other words, I saw the man lying in an armchair and the baby of this size (little), ‘take your daughter, ma’am’ (they told her at the hospital), and I said I can’t do this, I’m sorry, I I am going to leave the country and Antonio is going to raise Emilia and everyone is going to have to excuse me, I am going to leave a letter where I say I love everyone, I tried and I got here”, revealed the host of Netas Divinas.


In an environment of confessions, Paola Rojas revealed that what happened is due to postpartum depression.

“It’s called postpartum depression and you’re accommodating a lot of things, including things that suddenly help you think and make decisions. I mean, you haven’t thought about that anymore (…) It’s normal, ”she explained.

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