Who Edwina Sharma Marries in the “Bridgerton” Books

Who is Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran) marrying? That is one of the questions that can be answered in season 3 of “Bridgerton”. The second installment of the Netflix series, which has this ending explained, kept away the sister of Kate (Simone Ashley), who lived her affair with Anthony (Jonathan Bailey). This broke the heart of Charithra Chandran’s character, but Julia Quinn’s fiction has a different destiny for her in terms of her heart. Will Prince Friedrich (Freddie Stroma) hold her hand?

Edwina has grown a lot after suffering the love disappointment with anthonywho ended up marrying his sister in the new chapters that have been a success in the streaming platform.

But the followers have been comforted that the young woman has in Friedrich to a man who could become her husband and fulfill her greatest wish: stepping on the altar for love and not to leave her family in a better social position.

His closeness to queen charlottewho wants to set her up with Friedrich, his nephew, gives rise to suspicion that the fate of both may be linked by something more than a friendship. But in the books there is another story that should be considered regarding Edwina.

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The sisters Edwina and Kate Sharman in the series "Bridgerton".  (Photo: Netflix)
The sisters Edwina and Kate Sharman in the series “Bridgerton”. (Photo: Netflix)


In Bridgerton’s booksthe Julia Quinn novelsthe character of Edwin Sharma she marries him mr bagwell, a learned man from a not-so-rich family. However, in this man, Edwina finds a love that begins with the enjoyment of reading and discussions of intellectual issues.

Thus, in Quinn’s fiction, Edwina marries very much in love with Bagwell and not with Prince Friedrich, as has been hinted at in the Netflix series. However, television production has had many changes and this could happen with Edwina.

Because one of the possibilities is that, in season 3Edwina pairs up with Friedrich and that Mr. Bagwell never appears, as has happened so far in the series that debuted in 2020. Therefore, everything points to Edwina’s destiny being divided into not appearing in “Bridgerton” anymore or doing so with Friedrich as husband.

Charithra Chandran at a public event.  (Photos: Netflix)
Charithra Chandran at a public event. (Photos: Netflix)


Julian Quinnon the other hand, has stated that she is satisfied with the changes that the writers of “Bridgerton” have had their stories published in books. The American author understands that the language of television is different from literature, so it is necessary to make some adjustments so that the adaptation is the best possible.

I don’t expect them to be (scripts) written word for word and I don’t want them to be carbon copies. It’s very good, you have these two things that complement each other very well. You can watch the series and read the books and have two separate experiences and one great experience.” He stated in an interview with Insider.

Julia Quinn posing with her novels.  (Photo: Julia Quinn/Instagram)
Julia Quinn posing with her novels. (Photo: Julia Quinn/Instagram)


While Simone Ashley confirmed that she is leaving “Sex Education” to focus fully on “The Bridgertons”. The actress will no longer be part of the fourth season of the series that made her known.

“No, now I’m a Bridgerton girl,” she told the British program ‘This Morning’ when asked about the continuity of her character Olivia Hannan, which she has played since the beginning of the teenage series.

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