What is “sextortion” and why is it a cyber scam

Cyber ​​scams have become a huge problem in recent years. In Argentina, thousands of people lost from social network accounts to bank money. In addition, criminals are constantly creating new ways to defraud their victims. And one of them is related to the “sextortion”.

Men and women are contacted on Instagram and WhatsApp by users with suggestive, attractive and generally insinuating profile photos”, they explain from BTR Consulting, a company dedicated to cybersecurity. “They attract them, copy them and gradually convince them to maintain an ‘intimate’ video call”, they continue.

Once they get the victim to call, the cybercriminals record everything that happens and then blackmail the person for money. “They even threaten to share the videos with your family, coworkers, and friends on social media.“, point out the experts.

The first reaction of the victim is to feel fear and shame . The extortionists use that to further pressure the person to agree to give them money in exchange for the video. “Sextorsion scams are dangerous and in some parts of the world they have caused suicides for fear of social defamation,” they comment from BTR.

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Finally, the experts add that sextortion “already occurs through social networks, game consoles and online games.” “Also on messaging platforms, dating apps, the use of Crypto Scams and phishing by email claiming to have recordings of sex”, they add in this regard.

– Scammers are usually quite adept at copying things, profiles and websites, it really is getting easier

– There are discrepancies between your citations and references and other public profiles

– declare love at first sight

– Interested in engaging in intimate online activities quickly

– They create false stories such as unwell family members, health crises, urgent situations, pretending they are in the process of obtaining visas, and sending gifts.

– Someone we just met is coming on, trying to flirt or get naked in a live session.

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