Firm Group: who are the couples of the members of the band led by Eduin Caz

In recent years, Grupo Firme has positioned itself as the most important Mexican regional music orchestra from Mexico, receiving various international awards and awards by authorities.

The most recent was the recognition granted by the head of the government of Mexico City, claudia sheinbaumfor their work in disseminating the country’s culture, a ceremony in which they even had the luxury of singing “get over me”.

These interactions make the band even more popular, whose members accumulate a large number of followers on social networks and where they share details of their activities and how they are doing in love.

Daisy Anahy rose to fame thanks to her relationship with Eduin Caz (Photo: Eduin Caz / Instagram)
Daisy Anahy rose to fame thanks to her relationship with Eduin Caz (Photo: Eduin Caz / Instagram)


Eduin Caz and Daisy Anahi

The singer of Grupo Firme and his wife They have been married for 12 years, in which they have gone through ups and downs and separation threatswhich they have been able to overcome.

The relationship, as revealed by the Daisy Anahibegan at Cetis 58, in Baja California, where they both did dance.

In 2009 they became boyfriends and by 2015 they were married. A year later they had Gerardo and by 2020 little Geraldine.

Johnny Caz and Jonathan Bencomo

During the award ceremony received by the Firm Group in CDMX, the chief of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, He highlighted that the orchestra is breaking macho stereotypes with gender equality and sexual identity, as is the case with Jhonny, Eduin’s brother.

The third voice of the band has a relationship with Jonathan Bencomo for more than five years, and they have even moved and have plans to get married in the next few months.

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Abraham Luna and Daniela Landin

In the case of AB Luna, very little is known about his relationship with his wife, since both have been reserved in their social networks and interactions.

It is only known that Abraham Luna and Daniela Landin are a couple and maintain a stable relationship.

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Christian Tellez and Antonella Villa

The “commander” of the orchestra maintains a relationship with Antonella Villa, a flower boutique businesswoman with whom he shares statuses and photographs on social networks.

Joaquin Ruiz and Yanni Cervantes

The person in charge of harmony in Grupo Firme has committed himself to Yanni Cervanteswith whom he also has plans to remodel his home.

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