Emilia Drago and Diego Lombardi were about to divorce in the midst of a pandemic

The actress Emilia Drago He surprised more than one by confessing that his marriage to actor Diego Lombardi, with whom he has two daughters, went through a crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic and they almost separated.

In a recent conversation with the YouTube channel “La Linares”, hosted by Verónica Linares, the protagonist of “Asu Mare” said that after giving birth to her second daughter, her marriage went through a deep crisis that almost ended with her divorce.

“Last year (2021) with Diego we were already on the verge of divorce. In a moment God enlightened us and we are together again. Locked up, in a ball, with the girl giving birth in a pandemic with very little help ”, Emilia Drago told the journalist from América Noticias.

I do not wish it to anyone. We are survivors. I can tell you that I have already found a balance. Postpartum is crazy, breastfeeding too, we want to kill the husband and we are on the verge of divorce, it’s true. There comes a time when, thank God, we find the balance, but it doesn’t always happen and that’s where everyone takes their course “added the actress.

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As it is recalled, the actress returns to the stage as part of the play “Everyone returns – A musical for reunion”, where she shares roles with Érika Villalobos, Denisse Dibós, among other artists. The face-to-face functions will be at the Municipal Theater, from May 12. Tickets are on Teleticket.

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