“April Fools”: Han and the man from the dump, are they really brothers?

What happened to Han in “innocent”? The protagonist of the tricky soap opera, played by Birkan Sokullu, received a big surprise from the man from the landfill, who has been making his life impossible. This is what has been revealed in the Ottoman series that he has this broadcast schedule on the small screen.

The ottoman drama has established itself as one of the most watched fictions in Turkey and internationally, despite the high competition of productions, new platforms and various themes.

One of the key points of the success of the television series is the exploration of mental health of its characters, stories that have been taken from the novel “The Inside of the Medallion” of the famous psychiatrist Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu.

In this way, the television fiction has reached various countries, such as Spainwhere it is emitted through the signal of Antenna 3and where he has had Han and the man from the dump as one of the most relevant moments of the last chapters.

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Han furious in the Turkish soap opera "Innocents".  (Photo: GMO Pictures)
Han furious in the Turkish soap opera “Innocents”. (Photo: GMO Pictures)


That is the main unknown that has left the recent episode of “Innocents” broadcast on Antena 3 of Spain. Han steeled himself to face the mysterious characterwho is taking revenge for what the protagonist did to him in childhood, but a call will take him out of all logic.

The aggressive subject received a telephone call from Hikmetto whom he answered by calling him “dad”. The entrepreneur He was surprised to hear this and the worst would come later when his captor put the call in a loud voice.

I miss you so much, son, I’m very lonely here “Hikmet tells him, unaware that Han is listening in the room. “They think you’re dead, they’ll be mad if I tell them”he added.

Han immediately wonders if the man in the dump is his brother or taking advantage of his father’s illness. This will be known in the following episodes of the turkish soap opera.

Birkan Sokullu in the main character of Han. (Photo: OGM Pictures)
Birkan Sokullu in the main character of Han. (Photo: OGM Pictures)


“Innocent” narrates the life of They havea successful man who lives to support his sick father and two older sisters Safiye and Gulben, who have an obsession with cleanliness. On the other hand, start is a young woman with dependency problems who lives with her brother and grandfather, after suffering the abandonment of her mother.

She tries to always be with everyone and is unable to end the toxic relationship she has with Uygar, her alcoholic boyfriend. Their paths come together in a traffic accident, where Inci helps Han and takes him to a hospital. This couple will not be to the liking of the young man’s family, who will have to overcome many problems to achieve happiness.

Han fainted as soon as he stepped foot in Safiye's wedding.  (Photo: GMO Pictures)
Han fainted as soon as he stepped foot in Safiye’s wedding. (Photo: GMO Pictures)


On the other hand, so far, the fiction produced by OGM Pictures and written by Deniz Madanoğlu and Rana Mamatlıoğlu for TRT 1 has two seasons, of which the second continues to air.

Season 1

Episodes: 1-37.

Start: September 15, 2020.

End: June 8, 2021.

Season 2

Episodes: 38- airing

Start: September 14, 2021.

End May 11, 2022.

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