Andrea Legarreta: the awkward question he asked Mauricio Ochmann

The separation of Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez It was a tough process for both actors, who they saw their breakup exposed for the many news in social networks and television.

However, after the separation, both undertook personal projects and began new relationships. In the case of the protagonist of “tequila blue” with Paulina Burrola and that of the actress from “Niñas mal” with jonathan kubben.

However, and despite the fact that two years have passed since their notorious divorce, doubts, speculations and comments continue to circulate in social media and television.

Mauricio Ochmann with his girlfriend Paulina Burrola.  (Photo: @mauochmann).
Mauricio Ochmann with his girlfriend Paulina Burrola. (Photo: @mauochmann).


Mauricio Ochman was the special guest in the last edition of “Today”, where the driver Andrea Legarreta He did not hesitate to put him in trouble with an uncomfortable question about his personal life.

It all started when the driver consulted the actor about his relationship with Paulina Burrola. “Tell us about love? How are you? We see you happy, in love with a beautiful woman,” the presenter asked.

It was there that Ochmann revealed some small details. “Love is a feeling… You have to sing to love, you have to live love in all its facets. I am very happy, the truth is that with Pau we are fine, we are happy”, he pointed out.

It was there that Legarreta took advantage and fired the question: “Do you want to get married right now or not?”.

The actor, visibly surprised, replied: “What pressure, I don’t know. Never say never, but we’re living for the day, we’ll see”.

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Mentioning that “you have to sing to love”, the actor announced that he is preparing his debut as a singer in a monologue that he has been preparing.

“More than a monologue, it is a testimony of life, because many people who know my story, who know that I am adopted, that I went through different adversities, have asked me to speak. Over time, the airtightness has been taking away from me and I have been opening up, it’s great to pass that on to us about how we have done it, ”he sentenced.

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