Young and athlete: Paola Rojas shows off her mother like few times

During a chat with her companions on the program divine nets, Paola Rojas said that the ideal gift that he would like to give his mother on the occasion of the next Mother’s dayit would be to travel together, although they have already done it several times.

Maria Antonieta Hinojosa and Paola Rojas
Maria Antonieta Hinojosa and Paola Rojas

“It’s amazing (to travel with her), plus she has endless energy. That lady doesn’t get tired, I thought she used substances and everything, but no, it’s natural, ”commented the headline of the morning news. Al air on the Star Channel.

When referring to the energy of his mother, Paola Rojas He mentioned: “He is almost a triathlonist (a sport that includes three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running) and going on a trip with my mother is a delight, he sees everything, enjoys everything, he is grateful”, he highlighted.

Natalia Tellez He asked her about her mother’s age, pointing out that she had her when she was “very little”, and although she did not respond specifically, the journalist highlighted: “my mother is super young and has a power I don’t understand, he has a lot, a lot of energy”.

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