La Cantina: Square Enix sells its American studios and Fortnite returns to iOS

Square Enix sells his American studios (Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreally more than 50 brands) and will put the 300 million of its studio sales into NFT, AI and cloud gaming after selling to Embracer Group. With this, the European conglomerate strengthens its property portfolio and will undoubtedly surprise in the development of video games.

This theme gave rise to the Cantina opening its doors so that Rolando Vera, Gabriel Huerta y Vladimir Arteaga discussed in this regard about the possible scenarios, games that could be developed again in the form of remakes or remastered and, above all, the relevance that the European developer takes in the competitive video game market.

Change of game

After the first 30 minutes had passed, the guests also discussed how Fortnite came to XCloud; achieving its free availability on Android and iOS officially. At this point, they commented on the possible reaction of those from Cupertino, California on how Xbox with this movement shows the power of its cloud service. Additionally, the future possibilities of the Microsoft service were projected on Smart TV’s, consoles through the search engine, among others.

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Finaliza Moon Knight

This week the Disney + series also ended, so the table did not hesitate to give its point of view on its outcome, development and production, questioning whether Moon Knight is up to the standards of other productions on the streaming service.

Manual to enjoy the premiere

The last minutes the guests gave some advice to enjoy the most recent theatrical release, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, since it is not a film for all types of audiences and especially for casual viewers who do not dominate the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM).

Finally, like all programs, the interaction of the audience took place both in Facebook, Youtube and Twich chats with comments related to these topics.