The very harsh message from Marité Matus to Carlos Albornoz, cousin of Arturo Vidal

It is common knowledge that the relationship between Arturo vidal Y Marite Matus remains intact despite her divorce and the years that have passed. And the public defense of the influencer to King on her social networks, after the complaint that she made to her cousin Carlos Albornoz for fraudulent management of funds, is a clear example of this.

The complaint was filed on April 21 in the Santiago Guarantee Court number 7 by lawyers Carlos Berríos and Cristóbal Basaure. “Time puts everything in its place. Sooner or later everything comes out and will come to light. I believe and trust the truth, and karma exists,” he wrote. Marite in their networks.

After that, Carlos spoke in “Contigo en la Mañana” with Julio César Rodríguez and Monserrat Álvarez to explain his version of the lawsuit that Vidal put against him. The defendant denied any irregularity in the administration of the King’s assets: “Arturo has never paid me my salary. I have a master’s degree in business, doctorate in the United States. I have never worked with Arthur. We are partners, I have never been an employee.”

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These statements only made Marite Matus, who made a post on his Instagram stories again. “Did it harm our family? You Carlos Albornoz did too much damage for years!! You never thought about Arturo, about his children, his mother and brothers!! You are a mythomaniac and bad person! Sooner or later you had to fall, ”he launched.

Besides, Marite He concluded with a harsh message and revealing things that no one knew: “I still remember with great anger what you did to me and I never did anything! Now and I see you and I say ‘karma came to you’. I was never afraid of you.”

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