What would Jake Lockley’s costume look like in Moon Knight?

Each of Marc Spector’s personalities has their own suit as moon knight, but what would Jake Lockley’s suit look like? Spoiler alert for the Disney+ series

The Moon Knight series has come to an “end” after the premiere of its sixth and final chapter, which provided a satisfying conclusion to the journey of Marc Spector and Steven Grant and answered the question that many fans of the character had, despite hint at it for weeks based on clues and easter eggs: Where is the personality known in comics as Jake Lockley?

In the final moments of the series, this third personality of Marc Spector was finally revealed. The audience didn’t spend much time with him, but in those few minutes it was pretty clear that he is much more friends with Khonshu than he is with Marc or Steven.

But one may wonder, what would his Moon Knight outfit look like, despite seeing him take control of Marc in the suit when Jake defeated Harrow, and we also didn’t see Marc change his look when he takes control again.

The Direct interviewed the series’ costume designer and was asked about this question.

Meghan Kasperlik theorized what a new Jake Lockley suit would look like moon knightsince there was no design for this third Marc Spector identity:

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“No, there was no other (suit) for Jake. That was kept pretty much under wraps, Jake came in last, so no one got that little spoiler. But when he arrived, everyone was very excited.”

He went on to reveal what design choices he could hypothetically have made when creating a new suit for Lockley, noting that she would darken it, likely influenced by “the black suit from the comics”.

“I think I would make it darker. It would probably be the black, the black suit that is in the comics. I would definitely start there. This is nothing they did, it’s just me. Those suits are amazing, and you never know. But nothing was ever done, ever.”.

moon knight black suit

The Difficulty of Designing the Moon Knight Suit

There are many interpretations of the suit moon knight one of which is a much more heavily armored appearance; So how close did Oscar Isaac come to donning something like that? Meghan Kasperlik noted that:

“Just like any kind of superhero production, there are many iterations of the same suit. Mohamed Diab is one of the directors, and he is Egyptian. He really wanted to focus on the mummy look and being really Egyptian. So it was more about incorporating the strength of the armor and also the mummy look. But I think it was a beautiful bridge because it brings Khonshu from thousands of years ago into what we would probably think of today as a very strong suit. So I think it was an amazing mix because there is that part of both worlds. Like you kind of have that old world, but you also have the new…”

One of the most difficult parts of working on the costume, Kasperlik admitted, was incorporating so much white, a classic color that is difficult to work with in Mr. Knight’s suit:

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“When I came in, I was a little worried about the three-piece suit because it can be too flat. So my team looked high and low for a fabric that could give, that had a little bit of texture. I love putting a lot of texture to any of the designs I do. So, it’s textured, and it’s actually an upholstery fabric because I knew we’d be outside with it, and the costume would be getting dirty and we’d have to keep it clean and fresh. ANDBetween the textured, upholstery fabric that gives it a little extra help, there’s also a silver lemay that’s woven into the fabric, so when the light hits it, it doesn’t just go flat. There’s a little bit of luminescence coming off of it, so that was really important. We kept that texture on the vest, and then there’s a texture on the tie and everything. So along with having a lot of texture on the mask it really helps the character.”

Caballero Luna (moon knight) episode 2 oscar isaac mr knight

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The many designs of Moon Knight

The idea of ​​giving Jake Lockley a darker suit works really well. From what fans have seen so far his personality is much more brutal and violent than any of his counterparts. Moon Knight’s (mostly) dark look in the comics would be the perfect way to go. Leaning towards a more armored style in general would also be nice, seeing how active he is in fights.

All Moon Knight chapters are now available on Disney +.