Natalia Téllez apologizes to her daughter for thinking of abandoning her

“I thought I would never say it on TV. In itself people think I’m a culer **, and yes I am, but this is another level. Yes Emilia find this clip, one day he will stop talking to me. Oh well, Emilia, love you. Forgive your mother, ”she commented before recounting her case.

Natalia Tellez and her daughter Emilia.
Natalia Tellez and her daughter Emilia.

The 36-year-old presenter said that after giving birth she experienced a series of emotions and thought that she was not going to be a good mother and in her desperation, she called her bank to find out how much she had in her account, buy a ticket and leave. alone.

“When was born Emilia, I had her one day at night, and during the day it was a very difficult day, very difficult, the milk, the baby, connected, the hormone, and I said ‘what is happening?’ So, very late at night, I went in to see how much money I had in the bank and actually called to ask how much I could withdraw. In a panic attack, I thought to leave. I thought this was real, “she revealed to her companions on the program.

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Natalia thought to stop when analyzing that Antonio Wideher partner “is a good man” and that if she left at that time she would leave a letter for her sister and would have traveled to another country.

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