Algeria seeks to lead hydrogen production in the region

Tunisia, May 7 (Latest) .- Algeria relies on its “great assets and a competitive advantage” to lead the production of hydrogen in the region as an energy alternative, the Algerian Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, declared today.

“All our capabilities must allow our country to quickly integrate into the regional dynamics of hydrogen development,” said the Algerian Minister of Energy and announced that his Ministry has received instructions to develop a national strategy.

The project will include the creation of an interministerial commission made up of sectors of energy, energy transition, higher education and scientific research, start-ups and finance, in addition to the Commission for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency (Cerefe).

“Algeria has great potential that allows it to play a regional leadership role in this field, thanks to an immense solar energy potential, extensive and integrated electricity and gas transport networks, considerable water reserves and significant capabilities in research and development,” said Arkab about prospecting for this resource in the country.

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Blue hydrogen -from fossil fuel- is “important” in the short and medium term to develop green hydrogen, produced from renewable energies, with “high economic efficiency and viability”, he considered.

The strategic agreement, signed last month between Italy and Algeria, laid the foundations for cooperation in renewable energy and green hydrogen in which they will advance at the Intergovernmental Summit on July 18 in the Algerian capital.

In turn, Arkab recognized the lack of “an adequate legislative and regulatory framework”, “the definition of priority sectors” or the “qualification of human capital” to advance in this challenge.

The Maghreb country relies on its strategic position and the ports and gas transportation infrastructures it already has to meet the local, regional and global demand for hydrogen.

Green hydrogen represents an unlimited, decarbonized and transportable resource, which can be transformed into electricity or fuel, and represents a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

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