Big American companies are silent on abortion

New York, May 7 (Latest) .- Most large American companies have chosen to remain silent on abortion, after a Supreme Court draft was leaked last Monday that, if successful, would make abortion illegal at the federal level and would leave its regulation to the states, many of which are legislating to ban it.

So far, only a handful of corporations have positioned themselves in favor and some, such as Amazon or Citigroup, have even announced measures to support workers who want to abort in states where restrictive abortion rights laws have been passed.

A total of 23 conservative-leaning states have legislated against abortion, forcing women who want to terminate their pregnancy to travel to others, which puts in a great bind the poorest people who cannot afford the expenses that traveling entails. and medical intervention.

A long list of large corporations such as Walmart – the largest supermarket chain in the country -, the main financial entities, the airlines, entertainment companies such as Walt Disney or technological giants such as Microsoft have avoided taking sides or giving their opinion.

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Traditionally, American companies avoid speaking out politically so as not to provoke eventual rejection by their clients or possible political retaliation.

A trend that, however, changed significantly during the anti-racist protests that broke out in the country in May 2020, after the death of the black citizen George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer and that pushed the business world to publicly express its rejection of racism. .

Recently, Walt Disney was immersed in a controversy in Florida over the law known as “Don’t say gay” (Do not say gay), which prohibits dealing with issues of sexual orientation and gender in schools until third grade.

Before the approval of that law, the creators of Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck did not speak out, but criticized it once it was approved, which led the Congress of that conservative state to retaliate and pass a law to reduce autonomy. that the iconic entertainment brand enjoyed in Florida.

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According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, 61% of Americans believe that abortion should be legal in all or most circumstances, while 37% are of the opposite opinion, that it should be illegal in all or almost all cases.

A division that seems to be behind the reservations of the steering committees to take a position for or against what the Supreme Court may decide.


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