Disappointing! Murderer of Nicki Minaj’s father receives shocking sentence

The man accused of killing the father of Nicki Minaj with a hit and run has been sentenced to a shocking prison sentence.

According to magazine reports People the killer’s court case includes a guilty statement in which he admitted to fleeing the scene and hiding his vehicle.

For those unfamiliar, the hit-and-run occurred a year earlier, in February 2021, and the man was captured a few days later.

The accused, Polevichalso confessed to the murder and the interim judge of the State Supreme Court, Howard Sturim, offered him a plea deal in which “I will sentence you to no more than one year in jail” with a few years of community service remaining.

Previously, Polevich faced nearly 11 years behind bars, but Nicki’s mother and Maraj’s wife, Carol Marajis not ‘happy’ with her decision and admitted: “I’m not happy with that… a year in jail. I’m not happy with that.”

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