Horoscope for May 7: Predictions for all zodiac signs

Horoscope today

Even if you don’t share very happy moments as a family, you will have very valuable experiences that will take you out of that peaceful world and give you another vision of things. Health, however, advises you not to commit excesses at the table.

Take care of your health, right now it is the most important thing in your life and you should take time to take care of yourself, then when you regain your strength you will be able to better plan your future. Good news for the family.

The difficulty in communicating with your partner is making a dent in your relationship and day by day you notice that the distance is widening. You will need drastic measures to recover it, for example a few days of vacation alone to talk a lot.

Ability to distract others with your stories. You will be a good storyteller and your imagination will not fail you. It’s a boring day at work that you will liven up with this gift. Quite a few chances of receiving good news about your partner that has a significant impact on your life.

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Perhaps you do not live the most exciting moments in the field of love, you miss something more romantic or passionate in your relationship, but do not despair, it is a temporary problem, and in whose solution you will also have to be able to also on your part.

Disgust for a badly closed operation will mean that you are not completely focused on the activities that you have to do today, although luck will accompany you to get out of everything, except if you have a partner and want revenge.

You will find good entertainment at the least expected moment. Your plans for this Sunday will not be exceptional, but with little that you do on your part, the day can become an unforgettable day.

You will need a good diet to recover the vitamins that you lack. In addition, it is not bad for you to eliminate all the fats that you eat during the week. As for the weekend plans, take advantage of today because tomorrow you will not be very available.

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