This was the day Julio Iglesias kissed Thalía in the middle of the program

the mexican singer Thalia 50 years old, she has an impressive career in the artistic world and that has led her to occupy the position of ambassador of Latin music that she has today. Tommy Mottola’s wife does not stop singing and producing material for her fans who do not lose track of her.

The truth is Thalia She began her career as an actress and over time she launched herself as a solo singer. Once she achieved fame and established herself within the artistic world in the ’90s, she began attending different television programs to promote her music.

One of them was the program “Always on Sunday”, hosted by the remembered Raúl Velasco. On that occasion Thalia He shared the stage with his Spanish colleague Julio Iglesias, who was dazzled when he personally saw the Mexican star who had a beautiful face and a perfect silhouette.

That day in 1996 Julio Iglesias seduced and praised Thalia live both for her talent and for her beauty and together they sang the song “Me Missing You”. During the performance of the song, both artists exchanged glances, danced and even sang verses in the ear.

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But Julio Iglesias He couldn’t stand it and at the end of the song he kissed Thalia, who, a little embarrassed and nervous, responded to the act, leaving the audience frozen. Then each one went their own way but there is no doubt that neither of the two artists will forget that moment in their careers.

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