Meet the artist Karol G dreams of collaborating with

Colombian singer Carol G 31 years old is one of the consecrated artists of the moment, she has just left Latin music on high at the festive Coachella that took place in the United States, and as if that were not enough, now she premieres a new musical song called ‘Provenza ‘.

If you see him from afar or on social networks where he accumulates more than 50 million followers, Carol G seems to have it all. But now Bichota gave an interview in which she spoke again about her greatest success, the song Tusa that she premiered at the end of 2019 with Nicki Minaj.

Tusa was the most played song on virtual platforms in 2020 and surpassed Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Currently the topic of Carol G It has 1,200 million views on Spotify, and is the third most awarded song in history with 24 awards from different sources.

The truth is that now Carol G revealed that for the song Tusa he had thought of a remix that he never made due to the coronavirus pandemic and the impediments that this brought and in this way he lost the collaboration of his life with the singer Lisa, leader of the South Korean band he admires called ‘Blackpink ‘.

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“When I released Tusa with Nicki Minaj I had a remix in mind that we never tried, I don’t know why. If I had done a remix it would have been with BLACKPINK. We never tried it because of Covid, we talked… but that would have been the remix of my life,” revealed Carol G and left everyone frozen.

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