Mario Irivarren provides details about the end of his relationship with Vania Bludau: “It was a decision of both”

Mario Irivarren He was this Thursday as a guest on the set of “América Televisión”, where he answered a series of questions about the end of his relationship with Vania Bludau.

The first to question him was Janet Barboza, who asked him if it was true that he had been put on Melissa’s diet. “Do you confess that they made you Melissa’s diet, the one that ends you and does not notify you?”, consulted.

The former member of “Esto es Guerra” revealed that the decision was made by mutual agreement. “They did not make me Melissa’s diet, it was a decision of both, it was discussed”, he replied in a serious tone.

Irivarren was also asked about the possibility of resuming his relationship with Vania Bludau, something that many believe will happen because the models were caught together on a beach in Punta Hermosa after the media break.

“Do you confess that your story with Vania Bludau is not over yet?” Brunella Horna asked him, to which Mario replied calmly: “You already know me, you already know that I am going to respond… It is a private matter, they are personal matters and I am not going to fill in any personal aspect of my life. That is my universal response.”

Mario Irivarren does not want to talk about his private life
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Mario Irivarren talks about the alleged affair with Ivana Yturbe and Nicola Porcella (Source: ATV)