The best games of 2022 (so far)

The best games of the year, a statement that is always difficult to assert and even more so when we have not even reached the equator yet. But now that the pace of releases has calmed down somewhat, and while we wait to see what the next few months hold for us – with names on the horizon that inspire confidence in us – we have decided to MeriStation review what are the best games of 2022 that are currently on the market and to date. An article that we will update with the new entries that deserve to be among the highest of these sweet months of 2022.

Before going into our selection according to the notes we have given during these first months of the year, we want to review what it says Metacritic from 2022 to date. So here you have the ranking according to the most important aggregator of notes. We will update with the new analysis and better notes that we are getting in the magazine and are added to Metacritic.

Best Games of 2022 on Metacritic

  1. Elden Ring – 96
  2. God of War (PC) – 93
  3. The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – 90
  4. Rogue Legacy 2 – 90
  5. 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim – 89
  6. NORCO – 88
  7. Horizon Forbidden West – 88
  8. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster – 88
  9. OlliOlli World – 87
  10. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves – 87
  11. Grand Touring 7 – 87
  12. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen – 87
  13. Monster Hunter Rise (PC) – 87
  14. Total War: Warhammer III – 86
  15. Crusader Kings III: Console Edition – 85
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The best games of 2022 in Meristation

Elden Ring – 10

Elden Ring was one of the most anticipated games of 2022 and so far it has met all expectations, achieving a 10 out of 10 in Meristation and establishing itself as one of the best games of recent times. Its inhospitable open world full of secrets, challenges and the step forward that it has meant in the Souls formula make it surely the greatest essential of this 2022 to date.

Horizon Forbidden West – 9.3

After five years of waiting, Aloy finally returned to the fray with a desired sequel that has more than fulfilled all the expectations generated around it. A game that is more and better, but that expands combat and exploration options, that is a delight at an audiovisual level and that maintains a high level in terms of plot and development. One of the great games of the new generation of consoles.

God of War (PC) – 9,2

One of the best games of the last generation of consoles is consolidated on PC as one of the greats of 2022. And it does so for two reasons: first, because the title is still as good as it was in 2018. Second, because the port that has been made in compatible is high, with options for everyone, graphic improvements compared to the original version and good controls also with keyboard and mouse. An adventure gem that is still on PC and four years later.

SIFU – 9

A me against the neighborhood in 3D and that has become one of our favorite games. The demanding and satisfying combat system and the intelligent loop format in which you start, fall, improve, start again and optimize your options are two elements that make the difference in a game that is essential for lovers of beat’em up and an example of how this genre can be successfully transferred to 3D.

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Crusader Kings III (consolas) – 9

Crusader Kings 3 came to consoles last February with an experience that was surprisingly well adapted to controls with a controller and that allows it to be executed with precision after a necessary adaptation to one of the reference games of its kind, which is fully valid two years later of its release on PC and that demonstrates the good state of health in which we find the strategy today.


A graphic adventure with an old flavor and an overwhelming script that was also the first game to be awarded at the Tribeca Film Festival. Tastefully written in every dialogue, with great background and simply wonderful art direction. Six hours of multiple mechanics and situations that make it a surprise on a par with few other games. We did not see such a great game coming.

Grand Touring 7 – 8.7

One of the most beloved and successful sagas of console driving returned to its origins with the seventh numbered installment, after the format change we saw in GT Sport a few years ago. The return to the roots, thinking about the car collection, the licenses, the pleasure of also enjoying it alone, has been a success with a very solvent title, convincing at the controls and that is a well of hours to enjoy. endless.

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen – 8.7

The new and latest expansion for Bungie’s game, the Witch Queen, has left us in awe of all the new content, raid included, that it has offered us for many hours. A step forward that demonstrates the good health that Destiny 2 has today, a way to expand the options of the game, a service that is a gift for the most loyal users of this installment.

Total War: Warhammer III – 8,7

The definitive closure to the Creative Assembly trilogy is an essential strategy game that has been able to treat the license carefully, with notable narrative efforts to be able to have a very complete experience and a great differentiation between factions to be able to enjoy a different Total War . The RPG touch also adds another point of excellence for a very powerful game.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land – 8.6

Kirby’s jump to 3D has not only meant being able to have a great game for Switch that leaves behind the bad taste in the mouth of Star Allies, but it has also led many of us to consider The Forgotten Land as the best Kirby that has come out till the date. Be that as it may, the transformosis system, the spectacular final section and challenging extras such as the Colosseum make Kirby, with a Bayonetta-style dodge, have a wonderful 3D adventure that is worth it for everyone: young and old.