Beachy waves? We tell you how to make them

Wave iron

The Beach Waver is the ideal tool for these waves. Its design consists of three barrels of heat that, due to their shape, create beachy waves. Start by taking a lock of hair the width you want, then let the curling iron mark your hair in different sections depending on the length.


Get a wide curling iron, then divide your hair into 2-inch sections and start wrapping your hair around the curling iron. The key will be that about 4 centimeters before reaching the tips, avoid curling that part so you can get that more natural look and without much effort.

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Put into practice the different ways to do a wavy hair and find your favorite technique.

diadem waves

This way of achieving beachy waves is ideal for those who don’t have any of the heat tools, because all you need is a spring-loaded headband that you can wrap your hair around. With wet hair, adjust it depending on the waves you want and leave it like that for a few hours, you can even sleep with it to get the results. Once your hair is dry, remove the headband and shape it with a moisturizing spray or oil.

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