Seven news for WhatsApp that have arrived this week and will arrive in the future

The key for an application to succeed is not only to give the user what they are looking for, but to anticipate their tastes and/or needs. Current apps, especially the most successful ones, are constantly being updated with new features and tools. Apps like WhatsApp and these 7 that are going to arrive or have already reached the most used messaging app in the world – WhatsApp has almost a third of users of the global population, literally billions.

7 News for WhatsApp

WhatsApp groups 512 members

Converted into one of the most successful options of the app, being able to create a WhatsApp group allows several people to be in the same chat. And in case any of you thought the current limit of members was not enough, Meta wants to expand it, and as noted on the official WhatsApp blog: “One of the things that we are most often asked for is to be able to add more people to the groups. Well, we are working on the launch of an improvement that will allow you to add up to 512 people to a group”.

At the moment it is something that is underway and does not yet have an arrival date, but can you imagine what it must be like to be in a group of so many people and all of them active?

emoji reactions

Being able to reply to a message with an emoticon reaction is now possible. WhatsApp announced this week that emoji reactions are now available in the latest version of the app, and they are also useful to reduce the overload of messages in the groups. At the moment there are not many, but from Meta they point out that “in the future we will add many more expressions”.

Send 2GB files

Another novelty that is also available is the option to send files by WhatsApp of up to 2 GB in one go, and with end-to-end encryption protection. This increases the previous limit, which was 100 MB. and you will also be able to see a counter while you download or upload files, to know how long it takes to finish.

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Save temporary messages

For a few weeks, WhatsApp has been testing in its Beta versions for Android and iOS a new option to keep temporary messages saved. Thus, the user can choose that a message classified as temporary when sent, does not disappear from the chat once the term has expired allotted time to do so. If, for example, you send it to be deleted after 24 hours, by activating the new option the message is no longer deleted.

This allows a temporary message becomes a perennial message, but at the same time it is difficult to make sense of it, because if you want a message not to be deleted, it would be enough not to send it as a temporary message. WABetaInfo points out thatThe option has the condition that any other user can cancel that save. And therefore the message will be deleted.

Choose who can see you online and who can’t

Another function that has been in testing for several months, hiding your online status in WhatsApp to the contact of your phonebook that you choose is available to anyone who has WhatsApp Beta for Android. This option allows you to choose between four options, ‘All’, ‘My contacts’, ‘My contacts, except…’ and ‘Nobody’, in the following sections of WhatsApp:

  • Time of last connection time
  • Profile picture
  • Information
  • state
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In this way, anda You can choose which contact you want to see the last time you were online and which contact not. And according to WABetaInfo, now the test has been extended to iOS since last weekend: all iOS users registered in the WhatsApp Beta testing program who download version or later can already test it.

Polls in the Chats

Twitter or Instagram and messaging apps like Telegram allow you to make surveys in the form of tweets and stories. And if you have an account on one of these networks, surely you have participated in one at some time, something that will also reach WhatsApp. The app has been testing for months to be able to create polls within a chat group to poll what people think, and find out what the members think about a specific issue.

From WABetaInfo have shown the interface when sending a survey. If you haven’t voted for a poll yet, you can choose the option to vote. And when you press “Vote”, the selected option will be shared with the other participants in the group. Please note that group surveys, your choices and your answer are end-to-end encrypted, so no one can see the content of the survey, not even WhatsApp.

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Delete a message within a group and know who it was

The admin of a WhatsApp group will be able to delete a message, but this function comes with a notification that the rest of the group members can see, and in which the person who has deleted said message is informed. And when an administrator deletes a message, the rest will be notified in the chat itself and in the place where the original message was before.

Therefore, if you delete an incoming message for all the members of a group, the other people will read who has deleted the message, and this is what WhatsApp wants to make known. And there is something else, since WhatsApp is planning to lengthen the time that a group administrator has to delete a message that a member has sent to that group, setting the new deadline at 2 days and 12 hours from the sending of the message.

The feature is still in development in the most recent beta update for Android, WhatsApp Beta, although it is not known at this time when it will be implemented in the standard version of WhatsApp.