She puts on makeup during labor and causes controversy on TikTok: “Why are they so vain?”

The birth process is a difficult stage for women, however, in Mexico, a pregnant woman who was 7 centimeters dilated took the time to put on makeup before giving birth. The video went viral on TikTok and caused controversy, shortly after the celebration of the Mother’s Day. Fortunately, there were no problems in the delivery and the young woman became the mother of a boy. Get to know the details of this moving history.

The video was published by the user Víctor (@vickmckey) and in the images you can see the woman lying on a stretcher, while being recorded by her husband from Hermosillo, Sonora. Until then, everything seems to follow her natural course, but the detail is that the pregnant woman has her makeup set next to her, which, according to Quinta Fuerza, she took to retouch herself,

“My wife with 7 dilatation”, is the subtitle of the video, which has as its musical background “Before dead than simple, from the group Los horóscopos de Durango. “Why are they so vain?” joked the woman’s husband.

@vickmckey why are they so vain? #pregnancy #humor #couplecomedy #comedia #hermosillo #embarazo #babyshower #babyonboard #sonora #arizona ♬ Before Dead Than Simple – Live In Houston Rodeo / 2008 – Los Horoscopos De Durango

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In a second video, the TikTok user appears attending to his wife (he gives her ice cubes with a spoon), while she is still lying on the stretcher. Ice cubes are not harmful to the health of pregnant women in labor, according to

@vickmckey Reply to @lilifer1010 After putting on makeup now yes to give birth. #pregnancy #humor #epidural #newborn #couplecomedy #Tucson #Arizona #Hermosillo #Sonora ♬ Before Dead Than Simple – Live In Houston Rodeo / 2008 – Durango Horoscopes

The video, published last Tuesday, went viral and has already exceeded half a million views. Some users criticized the fact that the woman has put on makeup a few hours after giving birth, as they assured that it is harmful.

“Due to emergencies, it is not recommended to put on makeup, but they want to make everything so public as long as they have a good shot,” one user wrote. “Oh no. It is important not to put on makeup during the birth process, the colorimetry of the face also helps us to identify emergencies”commented another follower.

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The stages of labor were successful and the woman was able to give birth without problems. Precisely, the user @vickmckey posted a video on his Instagram account where he shares with the community the image of the baby, who is male, and the joy of his wife.

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“Thank God for giving us this beautiful man, thank you for his health and the health of his mother,” he wrote on the social network account.

Women can wear makeup during pregnancy, according to Mundo Deportivo, as long as products that are “hypoallergenic and do not contain alcohol, fragrances or irritating components” are applied to the skin. These are ideal to respect the sensitivity of the dermis and not cause allergic reactions.

In that sense, it is recommended “light, moisturizing and oil-free makeup bases (oil free) to avoid clogging of pores, as well as loose powders instead of compacts.”

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In the United States, as in most countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of the year. This 2022, the festive date falls on May 8, the day families expect to gather to pay tribute and give gifts.

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