TennoCon, the exclusive Warframe event, returns this coming July

Despite all the alternatives that arrive every month for free, Warframe remains one of the most successful free to play today, even more so with its recent expansion Angels of the Zariman. In addition, all fans have to be attentive to what is coming in the coming months already. Digital Extremes has confirmed the 2022 edition of TennoCon.

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TennoCon is the annual event that is held to show all the Warframe news that is to come, and this time will be held on July 16. On the official website they also announce that the event will be digital, and that it will be “a full day of content with exciting announcements from the Digital Extremes team”. That digital nature means that fans do not enjoy it the same, but the studio wants them to continue participating. “Sculptures, drawings, digital art, screenshots, cosplay… We want to see it all,” they say.

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Digital Extremes has also announced that it will donate a significant amount of the proceeds to a Canadian charity to be determined. In the coming weeks they will reveal what it is, without specifying if they still cannot say anything or simply have not decided.

In last year’s edition it was announced The New Wara single-player adventure that was finally released at the end of 2021, in addition to the development of cross play and cross save, two functions that have not yet arrived. Meanwhile, as we said before, a few weeks ago Angels of the Zariman arrived, a new free expansion that added a new plot line following The New War, as well as, of course, a new Warframe, specifically number 49.

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