Luis Miguel and Chayanne competed for the love of this woman

The singer Luis Miguel 52 years old is one of the great references of Latin music worldwide. Although he currently maintains a low profile and has not produced new music for a long time, El Sol de México left his mark throughout his more than three decades of experience in the industry.

Throughout his path as a singer, Luis Miguel He had contact with the most renowned artists on the international scene and earned his fame as a ‘conqueror of women’. When he was just 17 years old, he had a fleeting romance with actress and model Lucía Méndez.

Lucia Mendez enjoyed fame in the ’70s when she was named “the face” of the newspaper El Heraldo de México, on that occasion two renowned singers arrived at the door of her hotel room after a festival that took place in Miami, and that brought together great celebrities of the industry.

One of them was Chayanne who at that time was 17 years old like his colleague Luis Miguel. The Torero interpreter went up to Lucía Mendez’s room, who was 30 years old at the time and starred in the soap opera Viviana, but only managed to greet her. It was she herself who told the anecdote on the program ‘With Permission’.

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“He was kind of like my lost fan, Chayanne, really. Then he came and told me I don’t know what. But I replied: ‘No, Chayancito, I’m going to sleep, my love. No, not corn. No, no, Chayanne, go to your room, honey, you’re a baby. No, my love, no. Leave away. No, Chayanne,'” Lucía Mendez recalled.

But Luis Miguel he had more luck since he went up to the room with a bottle of champagne in hand. “Suddenly I see him, golden. Now it turns out he was 17 and he told me he was 20. Golden, with blond hair, in an impeccable Armani tuxedo, with a bottle of champagne. With my hair standing up, I open the door and say: ‘What’s up, Micky?’, he tells me: ‘I have to talk to someone because I’m very sad’. Then, he comes in, sits down, and starts talking to me. That if I’m sick of I don’t know what… you know how smart Micky is to talk”. They finally spent their first night together.

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