The funniest thing you do, based on your zodiac sign

That’s true of the funny zodiac signs and how they make others laugh, even if their horoscope discourages them from doing so.

But the truth is, we humans are a pretty funny species, and most of the time, the laughs we get are simply due to things we do that have very little to do with laughter.

And laughing at ourselves is one of the greatest liberators we have.

We are funny, and the best laughs we can have are when we realize how funny we really are.

Depending on where your sign falls, you may have a tendency to be more playful than others.

But the truth is. No matter what your sign, there is something specific about your particular kind of humor, something unique about you that makes you the funny person you are today.

The humor is obvious with you. Your friends know you as the joker of the crowd, and while you’re super smart, you’re also a nonstop storyteller who embellishes stories in such a way that you always shock the crowd into hysterics.

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Part of what makes you so much fun is that you usually have a team of people who believe everything you say and that keeps you pumped for your next comedy act.

If you want to crack up, find your Taurus sidekick and have him perk up your tired ass, because that’s what this sign does. This is the poster for Cheer You Up, and they usually go the profane route.

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