Q’hubo: 6,000 editions counting the city

The stories, narratives and experiences of the neighborhoods of Medellín and Valle de Aburrá have been told, for 6,000 editions, by the newspaper Q’hubo, which is celebrating for having reached this figure.

With a special 72-page edition, which circulates today, those stories in which this newspaper solved people’s lives through its pages will be remembered, as well as the events that evidenced the problems that the city is experiencing.

As part of the social sense of Grupo EL COLOMBIANO, the proceeds from the sales of the Q’hubo newspaper today will be everything for the announcers, who have been part of the backbone for this newspaper to reach this thousand-year-old figure.

People who were reunited with their relatives or those who needed a wheelchair to get around are some of the achievements after the complaints made in this medium.

Q’hubo has also highlighted the city’s problems through its judicial pages, always with the aim of seeking a response from the authorities.

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Rodrigo Morales Zapata, director of this outlet, commented that the objective has always been to tell stories from the neighborhoods, listening to the needs of the people and looking for solutions, based on the usefulness, relevance, originality and impact of the facts.

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