Óscar del Portal is caught buying pregnant clothes: did he reconcile with Vanessa Químper?

Magaly Medina’s program broadcast a video, where it was observed that the journalist Oscar del Portal He visited a store for pregnant women, a detail that could confirm that his wife Vanessa Químper would be in the sweet wait.

“He left (from his family apartment) in a Mercedes-Benz truck to this store, where he chose a pair of pants for pregnant women and in a small size,” Medina commented in the recent edition of “Magaly TV: La Firme”.

“We had already been told – well-informed sources – that she (Vanessa Químper) would be expecting a baby, because he also hinted at it in an interview on the Aldo Miyashiro program”, he added.

Óscar del Portal in the eye of the storm by ampay

Magaly Medina told in her program that her journalistic producer, José Luis García, met with Óscar del Portal on April 28.

The host of “Magaly TV: La Firme” pointed out that her producer explained to her that the sports presenter was very affected by the “ampay” with Fiorella Méndez and that at the moment she will not issue a statement or an interview.

“My producer went to Óscar del Portal’s apartment, where the ‘ampay’ was recorded, and told me that he saw him very sore, very sad and that he cried every minute. Every minute he repeated that he loved his wife and cried and cried ”, Medina said on “Magaly TV: La Firme.”

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“I was devastated. I guess he is just realizing what he has brought and what he is losing, like his family and his children… He has told us through my producer that he does not want to speak at the moment, much less give an interview , nor will he send a statement ”, Magali explained.

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