This is the Disney movie that Luis Miguel could not see when he was a child

the mexican singer Luis Miguel 52 years old is one of the great figures in the world of music and it is precisely that he has more than four decades of experience behind him. He began his path in the artistic field at a very young age and had to endure pressure from his father, Luis Rey.

Luis Miguel He achieved fame early and thanks to this, today he can enjoy the great luxuries that success gave him, but at the same time he missed important moments of his childhood and adolescence. He told Raúl Velasco some of this in an interview he gave him several years ago but which has now gone viral.

“There are things that embarrass you, for example, I had to comment in a meeting: ‘Not that the Cinderella movie, the Beauty and the Beast movie” and I said: ‘well, I haven’t seen any of these movies.’ And it’s not for nothing, but I lived a slightly different childhood and with other kinds of things; of Walt Disney, because I was a little more in the reality of things”, explained Luis Miguel.

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Later, Luis Miguel He added that this was always a pending account and when he was older he was able to see Disney movies: “I did not want to stay with that temptation and precisely now that I was in Los Angeles and that I was there recording the album and I am producing and other things, well I rented many of those movies and I started to watch them and they are beautiful movies; they give you a sense of humanity, of the subtlety of things, of relationships, of tenderness.”

Asked what his favorite Disney movie is, Luis Miguel He assured: “101 Dalmatians, for example, of puppies, I loved all that kind of stuff, I really enjoyed it and I’m going to keep seeing them as well.” There is no doubt that the Sun of Mexico went through many sacrifices to become who he is today.

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