The accessory that Queen Elizabeth will not wear because it is ‘too heavy for her’

This Thursday it was confirmed that he will not celebrate his traditional garden parties at Buckingham Palace, one of the most important events on his social calendar, but it does intend to continue to play its constitutional role by attending the State Opening of Parliament next Tuesday.

Although your attendance will be confirmed that same daythe newspaper Daily Telegraph ensures that all preparations have already been put in place to ensure your comfort.

The Queen will travel by car instead of by carriage to the building, and you only have to travel a short distance from the vehicle to the House of Lords and climb three steps to reach the throne where you will deliver your speech.

The State Opening Of Parliament
Elizabeth II will not wear a crown or cape because they are too heavy and cumbersome accessories.

Contrary to what tradition dictates, Isabel will not wear a crown or cape to attend the appointment because they are too heavy and cumbersome. The crown can weigh between 1 and 2 kilos on average. Instead, she is expected to wear a day dress and headdress, as she has done on recent occasions.

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Measures are also expected to be taken to “film with tact” your entrance and exit, with a part of the route protected from cameras to give you some privacy if you need to rest.

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