What is the Turkish soap opera “A part of me” about?

What is it about “a part of me”? The Turkish soap opera “Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün” is one of the surprises that the television grid brings and here we tell you everything you need to know about the new production starring Hatice Şendil, Özcan Deniz and Begüm Kütük Yaşaroğlu. The Ottoman drama, which adds to these other great fictionstells a shocking story of deceit and power.

The fiction is one of the most remembered in recent years, despite the time that has elapsed since its debut in Turkey. He debuted on the small screen on October 14, 2014, through the signal of Star TV.

Their success made it exceed season 1 and was renewed for a following broadcast, until on December 29, 2015 it reached its end in its original broadcast in the aforementioned channel.

However, throughout the seven years since its farewell, it has been broadcast in different parts of the world, such as Ecuador, Spain, PeruChili, Mexico, among other countries. Now you will have divinity like your new house.

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The protagonists in a promotional photograph of the Turkish novel.  (Photo: O3 Medya)
The protagonists in a promotional photograph of the Turkish novel. (Photo: O3 Medya)


What is it about the novel?

Turkish soap operaa part of me” bill elif’s storya woman in need of money who will agree to be the surrogate mother of kahraman Y define, a young couple of high birth. However, the woman will be deceived and she will seek a way to get her son back, while she will fight to avoid the love she feels for Kahraman.

Elif handcuffed in the novel "A part of me".  (Photo: O3 Medya)
Elif handcuffed in the novel “A part of me”. (Photo: O3 Medya)

When does Divinity premiere?

the ottoman series will be broadcast on Divinity in Spainbut don’t have one yet official release date. This has been made known by the television channel, which has only reported that “very soon” the novel will appear in its daily programming.

A tense scene from "A Part of Me."  (Photo: O3 Medya)
A tense scene from “A Part of Me.” (Photo: O3 Medya)

How many chapters and seasons does the Turkish series have?

In its original broadcast, “Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün” came to have 50 episodes and two seasons. The first installment consisted of 34 episodes, while the second had 16. Its broadcast abroad has had obvious variations.

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Who are the actors and characters in the telenovela?

  • Özcan Deniz as Kahraman Yörükhan.
  • Hatice Şendil as Elif Doğan
  • Begüm Kütük Yaşaroğlu as Defne Başer Yörükhan.
  • Gürbey İleri as Kerem Serter.
  • Gül Onat as Kıymet Yörükhan.
  • Metin Çekmez as Ziya Yörükhan.
  • Hale Soygazi as Neval.
  • Deniz Türkali as Saadet.
  • Hakan Meriçliler as Yakup Yörükhan.
  • Goncagül Sunar as Şükran Yörükhan.
  • Serdar Özer as Maksut Karakoyunlu.
  • Bülent Düzgünoğlu as Halil.

How to watch “A part of me” online in Spanish?

So in the daily schedule, the Turkish soap opera “A part of me” will be part of the catalog of the Mitele PLUS streaming platformwhere are all the productions of divinity. In this space you will find all the episodes broadcast, as well as previews of the following ones. The series, in this way, can be seen online and live.