Thor: Love and Thunder Reveals Thanos Connection

Thanos’ impact on the God of Thunder’s life will be felt in Thor: Love and Thunder. This is how the movie itself explained it!

A new look at merchandising Thor: Love and Thunder (via Murphy’s Multiverse) has revealed something very interesting. It is a connection with Thanos and the films in which the villain of Marvel Studiosso much Avengers: Infinity War how Avengers: Endgame. The merchandising shows the God of Thunder with his new armor. Along with him are also Star-Lord y Bigwho return with the classic style of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

El merchandising de Thor: Love and Thunder
Marvel Studios

The curious thing about this promotional pack of Thor: Love and Thunder It’s not just the look at the Asgardian god’s spectacular new armor. If you look carefully at the description of the merchandising, there is a very interesting connection with the great villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He goes like this: “Long after Thanos’ defeat, the Guardians of the Galaxy must convince Thor to return to the battlefield.” Apparently, the impact of the purple giant in the life of the God of Thunder has been really hard. He will have to recover himself before taking up arms again.

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The meaning of some scenes that appear in the trailer

It may not seem like much, but the truth is that this detail is very revealing. Add potential context to some of the scenes shown in the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder. The training of the Asgardian god, apparently, would be motivated by the request of the Guardians of the Galaxy that he join them. Thanos shook the life of the God of Thunder in a tragic and violent way. So the scene where we see Thor walking away from the Guardians in the middle of a fight could take on a whole new meaning. Perhaps, at that moment, he has already discovered who he is, has already rediscovered himself and has made the decision to return to his town.