Raziel García: Mother of his children accuses him of not complying with child support

Raziel García is in the middle of the controversy. The mother of his children, Lesly Burga, denounced that the athlete is late in depositing the support money and demands more money, since she would only be giving him 1,400 soles for the children.

“We understand, according to her comment that it was from one thousand to one thousand four hundred soles. In the investigation of the process, today we understand that the Tolima club has a higher income than the market”, explained before the cameras of “Amor y Fuego” Carlos Allain, Burga’s lawyer.

As explained by Carlos Allainel, the lawsuit process began in February and the notification was sent to his home in Chorrillos; however, Raziel’s relatives replied that he no longer lives there, but in Colombia.

“Amor y Fuego” communicated with the athlete, who indicated that he is aware that he has initiated a judicial process against him; however, he assured that he was not notified. “I understand that a process has been initiated against me, but they have not notified me at home and I cannot talk about it. Everyone knows how much I love my children and how much I give them.”Raziel Garcia defended himself.

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On the other hand, Lesly Burga’s lawyer stated that they have requested that he be issued an impediment to leave the country, so if he returned to Lima, he would not be able to leave again. “If that’s true, then in the end the damage will be for my children because it can harm me at work,” Raziel Garcia said.

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