Sebas Collarte presents “Shared Dreams”, a new preview of his first EP

Like a musical travel log, the Chilean artist Sebas Collarte reveals “Shared Dreams”, a new episode of what will be a debut EP where he captures the experiences he acquired during four years of nomadic life in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Shared Dreams” comes after the singles “It’s not you, it’s the world” and “Intruders”, and was born during the pandemic, a time when the artist lived in the middle of the Mexican jungle located in the southern part of the peninsula of Yucatan.

“In quarantine I rediscovered composition after a long time. “Shared Dreams” talks about sharing life with someone, about how difficult it is to always walk in the same direction”, comments this self-taught singer-songwriter from the city of Talca.

With this emotional charge, Sebas Collarte builds a track that rescues vocal and instrumental elements of soul, which through an interesting fabric of guitars and a bluesy rhythm result in a relaxing and moving ballad.

The premiere of “Sueños Compartidas” works as a reinforcement for the first two singles of Sebas Collarte’s debut EP, who has also already released two audiovisual works under the hand of Bruno Pero, which are already available on his YouTube channel.

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“We work a story through those videos. We released the first single with a video clip. The idea was to represent the level of intensity and exhaustion that traveling around the world means. We reinforced the second with an acoustic session that has been the sequel”, details the artist.

“Shared Dreams” was produced by Nicolás Roa and Tomás Cordero at Estudio Tornasol. The mix was in charge of Nicolás Roa and the mastering was done by Juan Pablo Quezada.

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