An update to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will bring battery improvements

Samsung has its answer to AirPods at hand. The firm trusts its headphones a lot and they can be considered great rivals for those of the Cupertino firm, but they still have a lot to prove. And this is where a new version comes into play with which it is intended that Galaxy Buds Pro have a new update to make the use of your battery more efficient.

2.2 MB that will do wonders for the battery of the Galaxy Buds Pro

You never think that a software change would have such a big impact on a device. But the truth is that these improvements substantially help the operation of any device as long as it is for that. And today Samsung can shake its head that its Galaxy Buds Pro will improve their autonomy with a software update.

According to what counts Phone Arena In its lines, the Korean company is preparing an update for its most powerful headphones so far. This improvement will bring with it an algorithm that will have a significant impact on the battery and the stability of its charge.

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This will mean that the charging will be improved with an algorithm that will help improve the charging capacity, not to mention the way in which the headphones use it.

Galaxy Wearable will also have improvements

The other part of Samsung that will have a substantial improvement is the application that connects with your headphones. It is the Galaxy Wearable app, which will also be updated with something that many users have been waiting for. This is the automatic improvement function, one with which every time there is an improvement in the app you will not have to do anything to install it. The app will run sla automatically and install the newest version.