When does “El Último Rey” 2 premiere: date of the second season of the Vicente Fernández series

The last king”, the unauthorized biographical series of Vicente Fernandezhad a tremendous reception in its first season and now everyone in Mexico -except perhaps Fernández’s own family- await the premiere of the second part, whose plot will continue to create controversy around the myth of “Charro de Huentitán”, as it will tell apparent truths that leave “Chente” in a bad light compared to his colleagues from profession.

This Televisa production, whose first season was broadcast on the Las Estrellas channel and the second will continue to be broadcast on said channel, has the public and legal rejection of Vicente Fernández’s family. Through his widow, Mrs. María del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, the family of “Chente” sent their disapproval to the San Ángel television station for using the image of the late singer, in addition to discrediting and condemning the versions that are part of this bioseries.

“I am very sad about everything that is happening. Vicente left but there are people who are abusing his name”expressed Doña “Cuquita”, María del Refugio, who asserted that she has the support of her entire family and the public that follows the “Idol of Mexico”, in addition to “I believe a lot in the law”. It is worth specifying that there is currently an accusation in the judicial jurisdiction against Televisa, but the decision of the competent authorities is yet to be known.

Pablo Montero will continue to play "Chente" at this stage of his life (Photo: The Last King / Instagram)
Pablo Montero will continue to play “Chente” at this stage of his life (Photo: The Last King / Instagram)


The bioseries, which in the first season consisted of ten chapters, will soon present its second installment, the same one that will address the youth and adulthood of Vicente Fernández, who will be played by Pablo Montero. In this continuation of the saga, some rather thorny personal issues in the life of “Chente” will be addressed.

The infidelity to his wife “Cuquita” with the actress Patricia Rivera and the beginning of the health problems of the “Charro de Huentitán” will be some of the topics. In addition, the children of Don Vicente Fernández will play an important role in the adult stage of his famous father.

To this we must add the facet of suspicion and envy of Fernández towards his colleagues. According to the production of “El Último Rey”, Vicente hindered the careers of his musical competitors in order not to lose control of the ranchera music scene.

Part of the cast that records the second season of "Ídolo de México" (Photo: El Último Rey / Instagram)
Part of the cast that records the second season of “Ídolo de México” (Photo: El Último Rey / Instagram)


According to the promotional broadcast by Televisa and a publication by actor Pablo Montero, Vicente Fernández in fiction, the second season will premiere next Monday, May 16 at 9:30 pm on the Las Estrellas channel.

The unauthorized bioseries of “Chente” -as “El Último Rey” is already known- will occupy the prime time that will free “The rich also cry”, a series that has reached its final stage.

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