They disrespected the waitress in their restaurant and took a drastic measure

A good boss usually shows his employees that they can count on him at all times. Something like this happened in Wales when Lee Skeet (@ leeskeet13) learned that customers had belittled his waitress and did not hesitate to make a drastic decision. The chef himself resorted to the social media to count the historywhich I already know viralized.

Lee Skeeta native of United Kingdom, is 35 years old and opened a gastronomic business called “Cora” in the city of Cardiff. Through your account Instagramthe businessman recounted the unpleasant situation faced by his only employee of the establishment.

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As reported The Mirrora group arrived late at their reservation, drank seven bottles of wine and they denigrated the waitress, identified as Lily, during her shift. Immediately, the British cook realized that they were disrespectful to the young woman.

In that sense, Skeet waited for the six clients to leave the place to chat with his worker. After talking, he got the email of one of the guests and sent him a strong message.

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“First of all, I wanted to thank you for choosing my restaurant for your meal tonight, and I understand I had the largest bill we’ve ever had for a table here. Unfortunately, throughout the night I realized that his group’s behavior was inappropriate towards [nuestra camarera]”, the chef started saying.

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Following this line, Lee specified that “andShe told me that her group members put her down, disrespected her, and inadvertently touched her. I spent the last hour having conversations with her that break my heart, make me feel bad as a s**t employer and a terrible father having my own daughter.”

In addition, @ leeskeet13 requested the “bank details” from the client to pay you back that they spent in his restaurant, which was equivalent to 1,000 pounds sterling (approximately $1,235), because he despised them. The businessman even reiterated that he planned to give the waitress 100 pounds less, “since he didn’t leave a tip”.

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Before finishing his discharge, the owner warned him “never come back”why “Lily means much more than money to me”. “I also think you should evaluate the people you surround yourself with”Held.

A few hours later, Lee Skeet calmed down and changed his mind. transferred the total amount of the dinner to Lily as a way of recognizing their work. “On second thought, I reacted too quickly and too emotionally last night. Sorry I was a little angry and protective. I will not return the customer’s money”, the owner wrote in his Instagram post.