Marvel Reveals Moon Knight Alternate Ending

Moon Knight was going to have another ending. Marvel Studios has just confirmed it and has also revealed what that different conclusion was like.

The end of moon knight it was going to be different. According to the director of the last episode, Mohamed Diabthe series of Marvel Studios It had an alternate ending. This program has featured Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) in it UCM, a man with dissociative identity disorder. While Mark and Steven Grant, one of their identities, try to understand each other, both are involved in a conflict that has to do with Egyptian mythology. Specifically, they must prevent Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) free a Ammita wicked and evil goddess who is imprisoned by other Egyptian gods.

The action sequence was to take place in the chamber of the gods

Mohamed Diab, director of the end of moon knightrecently spoke with Comic Book and stated that the conclusion of the Marvel Studios series was going to be totally different from what we saw. While the original plan presented the final events in one place, Diab has explained that he wanted to present much more than Cairo. These have been his complete statements about it:

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“I remember that the way the entire action sequence at the end was written was completely inside the chamber of the gods. However, we wanted to show Cairo at night. We wanted to see something outside and that’s why everything was developed again. The entire team contributed to this. It’s very difficult to take credit for a decision made with Moon Knight, because we’ve all contributed to Marvel. I don’t remember who said it, but I loved the idea. I loved that in episode three people saw Cairo by day and how different the perspective is for people to see the desert, and also what it looks like at night. It is another beauty. I love that”.