Maite Perroni, Óscar Jaenada and Manuel Vega are kings of streaming

the eighth gutter clause in their leading roles with Maite Perroni, Oscar Jaenada y Manuel Vegawho are also accompanied by two well-known actors in the region, the Colombian Paulina Davila and the peruvian Christian Meier. The actors celebrated this great achievement that they achieved last weekend.

Michel Duval, Analay Rodriguez y Mario Tardon They also join the cast of this plot that was written by Frank Arizawho has already worked alongside perroni in which it became the first production of Grupo Expansión Filmed Entertainment, under the title of I can’t without youa catcher thriller.

The plot

Love she gets back into the skin of a woman who will try to solve several mysteries that will arise from a contract that she signs in her marriage, which is apparently perfect, but hides several secrets. So we could see it on Amazon Prime Video.

Our protagonist will have to face several very dark events that originate from, precisely, the eighth clause of her prenup. This will cause all kinds of actions, some apparently not so legal, in a night that will be key to understanding everything.

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