Firefox 100, the news of the new version of the Mozilla browser

Not all companies are able to stay in the air for that long. But Mozilla has not only managed to do it and also present to the world one of the most important products in the world of browsers. The sample is that you have nothing less than a version number 100 pending update.

What’s new with Firefox 100

Who was going to tell the Mozilla guys that one day they were going to put three digits in the version number of their browser? This is a huge figure that both Chrome and Edge have already reached and now it was the turn of the fox company. Today it’s time to take a look at the About section to install the new update and check its new improvements.

New languages ​​to choose from

For users all over the world it is important to use software in their own language. It is a function that greatly helps the understanding and speed of use of the app. For this reason, more than one will celebrate that in the Firefox version 100 has up to 100 languages ​​to choose from and use in it.

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This directly affects the use of spell check, which will have an improvement for users in Germany, France and the United Kingdom with the ability to autocomplete when using a credit card.

Of course, one of the important things that also arrive has to do with Picture in Picture mode. It turns out that this new function is activated when you have a video that you can watch and the browser tells you that it is possible to put it next to it. But now it will have a highly demanded feature, which is the inclusion of subtitles directly on the small screen placed on your screen.

News also in the mobile version

Firefox reaches the Web version in all its variants. That means that if you use Firefox on your mobile you will also have to update it to get its news. Among them is a security improvement with which a secure and encrypted connection will always be established for each website.

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On the other hand, in iOS you can automatically cancel all those tabs that have not been used. If we focus on the navigation part, we will have better ones with which duplicate tabs will be eliminated to save memory and group them according to search terms.