What happened to Vania Bludau and Mario Irivarren in Colán? Korina Rivadeneira gave her version

Korina Rivadeneira appeared in the recent edition of the “América Hoy” program, where she referred to the New Year’s party, where she shared with Vania Bludau, Mario Irivarren and other friends from television.

In a conversation with the host Janet Barboza, the Venezuelan model pointed out that Irivarren made heavy jokes to Bludau and that they both laughed, but that she did not agree.

“In Colán we all talked about that couple because they were super beautiful, they got along very well and supported each other in everything, but I am too —excessively— detailed and I have seen things that she (by Vania Bludau) laughed at and I felt ( evil). I don’t allow Mario (Hart) to tell me anything, not in the slightest.”Korina commented.

“He was never rough, he was always kind of funny and it’s his way of being. They both enjoyed that because they laughed, but I didn’t like that. That’s the only thing I’ve seen. I wouldn’t allow Mario (Hart) because I don’t like to feel bad.”he added.

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Vania Bludau accused Mario Irivarren of being a rough person in his romantic relationship. The model spoke with the journalistic director of Magaly Medina and told him that her ex-partner grabbed her by the neck at a party, but she has not provided more details about it.

Based on Vania’s statements, different local entertainment personalities have given their opinion on the relationship between Bludau and Irivarren. The vast majority agree that Mario had a problem with anger, something that the former member of “This is war” has not denied.

Mario Irivarren on aggression against Vania Bludau