The iPad could become a small Mac by adding a keyboard

Users of an Apple device are looking for ways to get how to make their devices do much more. This happens especially with the iPad, a device as versatile as a computer but in a small space. In fact, the Cupertino company makes many tools available to users with which to carry out all kinds of activities with the tablet and now looking for a way to make the iPad work like a Mac.

Put a keyboard and your iPad is a Mac

A must-buy for any tablet user is a case. This protects the device from bumps and falls, but some are looking for an extra function. This is usually a keyboard with which you can forget about using other devices Bluetooth for text input or the screen itself with its touch keyboard.

This is the most common, but in the company of the bitten apple they think that it is possible to give this feature a more interesting use. And it is that, as we can read in MacrumorsApple is working on a feature where it is possible to have a experience similar to that of MacOS users.

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According to what the patent says, at the moment a keyboard is connected to the tablet, it is possible to use it as if it were a company computer. From the looks of it, the system would adopt a layout similar to what we’ve previously seen on the company’s computers, giving users the convenience of using a MacOS-like interface in a smaller but powerful footprint.

Hybrid Mac on the way?

This is the other possibility, and it is that Apple could be following from afar the steps that Microsoft is taking with its Surface device. The screen drops other things like the magnetic attachment to the company’s tablet on one of its longer sides.

This would mean having a device that provides touch screen functionality with all the power of a home computer. But this all remains up in the air and, of course, in the decision of the bitten apple. Let us remember that it is a patent, and in the same way that they are presented, they can be kept in a drawer until someone rescues them with a similar idea.