Anuel AA, father for the second time but not with Yailin La Más Viral or Karol G

On more than one occasion, Anuel AA has expressed his desire to become the father of a girlwhich did not happen with his recent partners Karol G and Yailin La Más Viral.

And it is that in the most recent edition of “The fat and the skinny” it was revealed that the self-styled “trap god” will be the father of a girl who conceived with a woman who has not been his partner and with whom he had an occasional relationship.

Anuel, 29, is the father of Pablito, a son he had with his ex-girlfriend Astrid Marie Cuevas and who is currently 8 years old, but will turn 9 on June 25.

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According to the program Telemundothe mother of the daughter of Anuel AA is named Melissa Vallecilla and is 28 years old, one less than the interpreter of “Bebesita”.

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The young woman revealed that she met the ragpicker at a concert by the urban artist Drake, and they began a long-distance relationship for four months, while he traveled through Miami and Houston, Texas, where she lives.

The woman has not hidden her happiness for the arrival of the baby, to whom she has dedicated some publications on social networks.

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“Waiting for a princess! Super anxious to finally meet my greatest blessing. God knew what he was doing and he couldn’t have sent you at a better time. My joy every day is to feel your kicks and imagine you in my arms. I love you and I can’t wait to meet you!” she shared on Instagram.

In that sense, inThe fat and the skinny” revealed that the paternity test to which the trap singer underwent would have been positive. which, moreover, was confirmed by People in spanish by a fountain near the artist. “It’s true,” she admitted.

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