Firefighters rescue newborn ducklings from a sewer

Being a firefighter is a very complicated job. From putting out fires to appearing on the cover of calendars, but they also carry out a task that ‘falls in love’ with millions: rescuing animals. Not only cats are assisted by the men in red, because this time it was the turn of a litter of ducklings that had just been born.

The story went viral on Facebook after he himself Meridian Fire Department in Idaho (United States) spread the news. The footage shows how the team responded to a storm drain in the city to save five ducklings who fell through a manhole cover.

After suffering for several minutes, the ducklings managed to reunite with their mother. Situation that was also photographed by the Meridian firefighters. Her mother was attentive to the entire rescue and patiently waiting for the men in red to save her ducklings.

The heavy rains in the city caused the animals, due to their small size, to fall through the cover of a sewer. One of the neighbors alerted the firefighters to the situation, who quickly arrived in the area to start the rescue of the ducklings.

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Through Facebook, the Fire Department advised what people should do if a situation like this happens again. “Scared ducklings will hide further into the gutter, making it harder to rescue them, and scaring the mother will make it harder to reunite her with her young”can be read in the message.

The story ended with the ducklings safe and sound, without any injuries. They managed to reunite with his mother, while the Fire Department earned applause from the entire community for its laudable action.

Abundant throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere, the mallard is the most popular mallard for many people and the ancestor of most domesticated duck breeds. In many places, this species has managed to domesticate itself based on handouts in city parks. Although feral and backyard ducks can be chubby, gangly creatures, the ancestral wild mallard is a slender, graceful, wary, fast-flying bird, according to the National Audubon Society.

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A viral video can have various types of content, ranging from the humorous to the tragic, and although in some cases, it could hurt susceptibilities, it can reach a large number of views in a short time.