Star Wars has some Fan Art that will give you nightmares

An artist has published a series of Star Wars Fan Art that has given us goosebumps. They are truly terrifying! Scary!

The images shared by an artist recently with characters from Star Wars redesigned they give real terror. The heroes of the galactic saga look like something out of a nightmare. Created by George Lucas in 1977, the franchise Lucasfilm was destined to be one of the greatest in the history of cinema. In love with science fiction, Lucas was inspired by Flash Gordon y John Carter to feed his love for the genre. In the end, she ended up making history, with capital letters. The rest, we all know. To this day, Star Wars remains one of the greatest things in life.

Terror grips this galaxy far, far away!

the digital artist Rob Sheridan took the idea of ​​Star Wars and put a twist on it to make all those characters and creatures look like real monstrosities. The thematic idea was, basically, terror. The truth is that if you stop to look at them carefully, you may not sleep tonight. Sheridan’s goal was to celebrate May 4 by taking a batch of galactic characters and reimagining them as “a sci-fi horror movie.” “A story that takes place in an inner realm profane and far, far away,” said the artist. The result… judge for yourselves.

While Sheridan’s art is equal parts beautiful and terrifying, it’s not the first time Star Wars has mixed with the horror genre. There have been a number of horror-focused stories, episodes, and even moments from movies that are part of the genre. In fact, the stormtrooper/zombie book titled Death Troopersfrom Joe Schreiber. Prior to this book, a young adult anthology published in the 1990s titled Galaxy of Fear. This anthology wanted to imitate the success of the saga Nightmaresfrom R.L. Stine. Tuvo títulos como «City of the Dead», «Army of Terror», «The Nightmare Machine» o «The Brain Spiders», entre muchos otros.

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